Brandon Cortese
Platform for college students to socially interact and sell and buy used textbooks/school supplies with an mobile application.
BookSwap is a platform/businesses that will provide a student marketplace for all colleges around the world. Rather than students buying overpriced books from the bookstore, why not look to your fellow student that no longer needs that book? Bookswap is that platform that allows students to connect with each other to meet on campus to buy and sell used textbooks, saving and making more money than utilizing the book store. We also aim to address other things students no longer need; whether it be art supplies, laptops, apartment accessories, etc! Another feature allows students to market their tutoring skills to other students, why wait in line with other students for a single tutor in class, when you can find other students willing to tutor you for a small fee on campus? Bookswap is that platform that allows students to take advantage of their education efficiently, economically, and hassle free!
Team Members:
  • Dajuan Price
  • Hunter Metcalf