Up Above Media, LLC

Derek Graves
UpAbove – Aerial Media services for your Construction Project, Event, Real Estate Transaction, 3D Map, etc. Your Venture. Our Perspective.
UpAbove Media, LLC is a service company utilizing drones to provide customized aerial photo and video for industries including real estate, construction, agriculture, insurance, marketing and many more as well as consumer applications for event coverage and entertainment. Our FAA licensed Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) pilots can capture photo and or video and customize the end product to the customers’ specifications and needs. Employing cutting edge software solutions, we can aerially scan any location and return a 3-dimensional site map which can be used to track construction progress, measure distances and volumes, and create virtual models of structures and landmarks. The possibilities are endless. Our services can be custom tailored to meet the needs and imagination of any customer.
Team Members:
  • Rachel Graves
  • Joshua Franciscus