At The Spot Studios

Luke Newman
At The Spot Studios is a creative space where artists of all genres can come together to collaborate, create, and disseminate their work.
Collaborate. Create. Disseminate. At The Spot Studios is all about Art and Artists. From Visual to Performing Arts; Music, Theater, Dance, Painting, Photography, Film/TV, Sculpting, Drawing, and Painting, are all genres that will be accessible in At The Spot Studios. Imagine, if you will, someone who likes to workout a lot. In order to get the best workout they can, they either need to spend a lot on home gym equipment and sacrifice an entire room in their home, or...they pay a membership fee and use a gym's equipment and space. At The Spot Studios is the gym of the Art world. We will provide the space and the tools, you provide the creativity. But it's more than just shared space. At The Spot will have a gallery to show works, performance space for musicians and dancers, and a gallery shop where artists can sell the works they create in the studio. At The Spot will also host events. Gallery shows, exhibits, performances, classes and workshops, even sip and paint events, are all just a few of the things we will offer. Throw in the coffee bar, and people will stop in just to get their caffeine fix, then stay for the art. Staffed by experts in their respective Art Fields, At The Spot will cross genres, break down walls of doubt, and create an environment that fosters a collaborative and creative atmosphere for all who enter. From a beginner who is just interested in learning about how to get started, to the professional 'starving artist,' At The Spot is the place for you. Together we will Collaborate, Create, and Disseminate YOUR Art to the world.