Ride With Pride

Justin Arter
Ride with Pride is a service that will change the way we view transportation for those with disabilities, while addressing the need for it.
Ride with Pride will change the way we view transportation for the handicapped community, while addressing a huge need in the Carroll County Community. Transportation is not readily accessible for those with disabilities, whether physical, intellectual, or mental, here in the county. Though there are some businesses in the area that can provide the service, they are not at a reasonable price. Ride with Pride will address this concern by providing the service to the community at a more reasonable price and with more accessibility through the use of federal grants, state funding, donations, charity arms, and private donors. Along with providing a more reasonably priced service we will also be truly riding with pride. Different kinds of vehicles will be used for the transportation service rather than the usual bus or van, allowing us to break the stigma of handicap transportation and letting our customers "Ride with Pride" in something a little more stylish.
Team Members:
  • Louis Schaab